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Welcome to Bereavement Rescue

Bereavement Rescue has been created to bring support and help to people suffering or preparing for bereavement.

We are based in the New Forest, on the south coast of the UK. Much of our work is in the local New Forest community, but through this website and social media, we reach out to help people suffering across the world.

What makes Bereavement Rescue unique is it's pioneering use of scientific and medical Near Death Experience evidence to help people in bereavement. We have been using this approach for many years and found it to be a very effective way of removing the hopelessness generally experienced by the bereaved. By providing the evidence that people will be reunited by their loved ones, we find this has a significant effect in lessening the pain people experience when their loved one passes on to Heaven before them.

We hope you find this website interesting and helpful. Please do get in touch if we may be of assistance to you. All help is confidential and free and it is our pleasure and mission to provide.


Bereavement Rescue

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

We are so excited to announce the publication of our book "Bereavement Rescue with Near Death Experience evidence"! Full of quotes about heaven and life after death from Near Death Experience survivors, the book encapsulates much of what we try and share with people in bereavement who come to us for help. We wanted to be able to give people just one book that says it all - so we put this book together to achieve that purpose.

The book is half illustration and half text and is laid out to make it an easy and pleasant read. From our experience with bereaved people and having been through bereavement ourselves, we knew that this is a time when people need information that is easy to digest, not a wall of text. Many of the pictures were chosen for their serene and natural beauty, to soothe the eye and raise the spirit whilst delivering fascinating and convincing evidence that we will all see our loved ones again.

We wanted to make the book free to everyone, so you can download it free from the link below:

You can download or view our book (for free) here

The book is also available in hardback and paperback. The print costs are unfortunately quite high because of the high picture content, but no more than any other coffee table book. Hopefully this will deliver more though! 

Paperback is available here: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/bereavement-rescue-with-near-death-experience-evidence/10971667

Hardback is available here: http://www.lulu.com/product/lulustudio-photo-book/bereavement-rescue-with-near-death-experience-evidence/10970254


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