1. Bring support and information to anyone anywhere who is preparing for or suffering bereavement.

We offer a new paradigm in bereavement treatment. We don't just offer conventional counselling, but instead base our approach on the evidence available for life after death. By presenting this evidence, from sound medical and scientific sources, we help people find confidence in life after death. Most people whom we have helped in this way find that the pain of bereavement is reduced from unbearable dispair to a more handleable level of pain comparable to that experienced when a loved one emigrates.

2. Relationships

We have relationships with various organisations and individuals. We are keen to share and learn from anyone interested in this new field of medical and scientific research. In particular, we seek further relationships with:

  • Near Death Experience researchers world-wide
  • Near Death Experiencers
  • Church groups and Christian organisations.
  • Individual clergy
  • Bereavement counsellers who feel that including NDE research will accelerate the healing process for their clients
  • Medical staff who would like to share NDE information or learn more about our approach to bereavement
  • Hospice staff and those working in paliative care


3. Training

We want to share our information and paradigm with open minded professionals engaged in providing care and support to the bereaved. We intend to teach and pass on our knowledge to those who want to explore this new exciting way of helping those suffering bereavement. We also intend to build up and make available a range of training resources.

4. Local Outreach

We plan to build on our local Outreach programme, here in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK and encourage similar local Outreach initiatives elsewhere. As part of our local Outreach, we offer bereavement surgeries at G.P surgeries, hospitals and hospices, run discussion groups and bring our bereavement approach into the local community wherever needed.

5. Bereavement Rescue Centre

We plan to build a sanctuary where those suffering bereavement and trauma can come for revolutionary expert help at a time where they believe there is no help. We intend to offer respite support, welcoming guests to stay with us, absorb the NDE information we offer and relax and recover from the trauma of bereavement in the healing environment of the New Forest.

The Centre will also enable us to offer on-site training for bereavement counsellers, clergy and medical/hospice staff.