Bereavement and Trauma Rescue Outreach has been created to bring support and help to people suffering or preparing for bereavement.

All the members of our team have suffered bereavement and are passionate about helping others experiencing bereavement. Having been through bereavement ourselves, we empathise with the pain and issues that people go through.

We offer a new paradigm in bereavement treatment. We don't just offer conventional counselling, but instead base our approach on the evidence available for life after death. By presenting this evidence, from sound medical and scientific sources, we help people find confidence in life after death. Most people whom we have helped in this way find that the pain of bereavement is reduced from unbearable dispair to a more handleable level of pain comparable to that experienced when a loved one emigrates.

Whilst our core team are priests, our help is available and relevant to Christians of all denominations and non-Christians alike.


Rt Revd Rod Walton

Rod has been studying Near Death Experience research for over 30 years. It wasn't until he lost his Mother 12 years ago that he fully appreciated the effect that a knowledge of the scientific and medical evidence for life after death can have on a person in bereavement. Whilst there are certain elements of grief that only time and counselling can help, a reasoned confidence that we will be reunited with our loves ones one day makes a massive difference to the grief process and removes the helplessness and dispair so often otherwise experienced. This discovery led Rod to start offering a very special form of bereavement support within the local community and this is a ministry which has expanded and has now help many people.

Rod is a former police officer and fireman, who after serving 8 years in the London Fire Brigade and 25 years in the Police Service in London, became a priest. He was later consecrated as a bishop within the Ecumenical Community Church, which he now also leads.

Rod is co-author of the "Bereavement Rescue with Near Death Experience evidence" book.


Revd Dr Caroline Wilkins

Caroline is a former physicist, with an honours degree in Physics from Durham University and a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from Southampton University. She makes her living as a software developer and this enables her to dedicate the rest of her time to animal rescue and Bereavement Rescue. (All the work Bereavement Rescue does is unpaid and completely voluntary.)

Caroline has been a minister for 3 years and was recently ordained to full priesthood in 2013.

Caroline is co-author of the "Bereavement Rescue with Near Death Experience evidence" book and also "Life, The Universe and Everything". Caroline is also webmaster and manager of the Bereavement Rescue Centre project.


Revd David Bennett

We are very lucky to have the support, assistance and consultancy of Revd David Bennett, who is a leading expert on Trauma. David served in the Police Service for many years and became a priest in later life. David teaches and lectures on Trauma and it's treatment all over the world and is much sought after as a Trauma expert.