Jerry Rogers's experience

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About 7 years ago I was living alone and very depressed. But I didn't want to die, not ever. I used to get chills just thinking of dying. I didn't really believe in God. I did go to church a couple of times as a child.

You see I have been in prison most of my life. I think it was about 32 or 33 years in all. Ever since I got out of the service I have been in prison or on Parole. I am now completely free as of 11/4/16.

I not sure why l am telling you all of this, but my wife died back in 1995. Of course I was in prison when she was murdered. I loved her very much and still do. I can't even be with another woman, even after all this time. But like I said I lived alone and was lonely, but didn't like people around me.

One night about 8:00 pm I set up off the couch I was laying on and for some reason I asked God "Look if you are real , I need help bad. I can't make it much longer and I can't figure out why." I said "If you are real please let me know what happens when I die. If you can just make a book jump off the table or turn the lights on and off a couple of times. Just let me know you are real please."

As you can guess nothing happened. I just laid back down and forgot it. But the next night at 8:00  pm, I was reminded to do it again and I repeated almost the same words and again nothing happened. But every single night I would tell God the same words or just about the same words. And this went on for maybe two months. Even if I were asleep, I would wake up and pray the same time the same words.

But after two months, one night before I prayed, I became hot - real hot. I couldn't cool off. The room I was in was cool, but not me. I started to get scared. I went over to the AC and turned the blades down towards the floor and I lay down on the carpet under the AC. As soon as my head touched the carpet, I was out.

I came to in a place that was perfect. Everything was beautiful. It was like earth, only perfect. The grass, just one small tree to my right not a stem out of place, it was very green. I can see everything without turning my head. I can also see myself and about 50 feet away on a rock wall about 3 feet high, sat my dead wife. She was beautiful. I was young again. I felt pure love and peace. I took a step towards her and zoom! I was standing right in front of her. We both had on the whitest gowns - the same kind you see in pictures of people in the Bible. I turned to sit next to my wife and I was floating in something that was thicker than air. I was kicking and punching and swinging my arms, I wanted to stay so badly. But I could feel myself coming back to my body. I knew it was over. I started to feel the little pains we don't realize we have. I got closer and then I jerked back into my body. But for the next few hours I was happy, to the point I was giddy. I wanted to tell the world about heaven and it was real. I didn't realize so many other people have experienced the same thing. I am no longer depressed and I sure don't fear death anymore. I am not lonely even if I am alone. That is my story.


Sharon Milliman's NDE

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It was midsummer 2005 I was sitting outside on the back steps of my house talking on the phone to a dear friend of mine who lived in Oregon.  It was late in the day and my husband had just arrived home from work.  He had just walked passed me as I was sitting on the concrete steps.  It was just beginning to rain.  I heard thunder in the distance so I asked him if I would be safe talking on a cordless phone during a storm.  He said I would be fine, so my friend and I continued talking as he went into the house to change clothes.

About five minutes later I heard a loud crack from a lightning bolt snaking down from an angry sky. The entire sky lit up in a brilliant silvery-white. I felt the searing pain as the lightning entered into my right arm and pass through my body. I was knocked to the ground, leaving char marks on the concrete steps where I had been seated on the steps.  After passing through me, the lightning-bolt traveled under the house and blew out the transformer standing directly in front of the house.  It rendered the entire neighborhood powerless for about four hours.

I was shaking all over.  I was sweating and sick at my stomach.  The pain in both my arm and my chest was unbearable.  I could not believe what had just happened to me.  Suddenly there was a force pulling me right out of my body.  It felt like I was being peeled like a banana. What came next is very hard to put into words. The best I can describe it, I was floating into my house from high above. I was able to look around and could feel movement. I was very confused at this moment because everything in my house looked so strange.  First, everything had a burnt yellow color to it.  Even the air had this color. Next, I noticed the furniture in the house was not my furniture.  For instance, the lace curtains on the windows were not my curtains! I was beginning to feel very frightened.

 No one was in this house.  I wondered; where was my husband?  Where did my children go?  Then there was the issue of the electrical power. I knew the transformer was blown, yet I could hear what sounded like an old time radio program playing. Did I go back in time?

Suddenly I wasn't floating anymore.  I was walking through the rooms looking for the radio, or whatever it was that was making the sound, but I never could find it.  This must have only lasted for a couple of minutes, but time seemed to either stop or move in very slow motion.

Amazingly, I suddenly was transported into a totally new environment.  I found myself enfolded within the most beautiful fluffy pink and gold clouds.  They were so magnificent! I was in awe of such beauty and I felt such a deep sense of peace and complete love.  The love was so big, so huge, so complete, and felt so deep.  I felt like every pore of my body was open, and I was soaking all of it in.  I was just basking in this deep beautiful love.  I felt whole, complete and totally accepted.  I had no idea what was happening.  I was moving through these gorgeous clouds laterally without moving up or down. In this love I could feel this huge conscious presence all around me.  There was such a loving presence pouring love onto me and into me that I felt I was part of this love.  It was a love I have no words to explain other than it was so beautiful!  It brings tears to my eyes, even now.